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Seven things to consider when choosing a VoIP system

The world is becoming more and more digitized. As a result, many businesses are switching from legacy phone systems to VoIP (Voice over IP) because of its versatility and lower costs. A high quality VoIP service can improve voice quality, allow for unified communications (UC) and even lower costs. But not all VoIP services are of a high quality. Here are seven things to consider when choosing a VoIP system so that you select the best VoIP solution for your business.

Hosted vs. on-site VoIP

Both hosted and on-site VoIP systems offer some advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind that on on-site system will be a larger up-front investment and it will require on-going maintenance but it will give your more flexibility and control over your telecommunications network.

Mobile integration

Today’s businesses aren’t restricted by walls. Cellphones allow employees to take their work with them outside the office. If your business gives cellphones to employees then you’ll want to look at a VoIP service that offers mobile integration. Equiinet’s VoIP service, for instance, offers complete mobile integration so that employees never have to miss a call because they’re out of the office. Calls will automatically be rerouted to their cellphones.

Will your business expand?

Ideally, your business is growing, or you’re planning on growing. You don’t want to be limited by a VoIP service that can’t expand along with you. Look for a system that is constantly adding and improving services they offer.

Are you switching from ISDN?

Switching from ISDN to VoIP requires a little extra research and work. It may also determine what criteria your new VoIP system will need to have.

How technically involved do you want to be?

Some businesses owners prefer to be very involved with managing their own VoIP system. Most, however, prefer everything to be left to IT professionals so they’re free to focus on other things. Select a VoIP service where maintenance and upgrades are always handled by the service provider.

Do you need to upgrade connectivity?

Any VoIP system relies on a reliable and strong internet connection. If you don’t already have that, you’ll need to upgrade your connectivity first. Many VoIP providers include in their services upgraded internet connectivity.

Compare costs

Finally, it’s a matter of comparing services and costs. Some providers will require a larger up-front investment (to get everything up and running) and a lower monthly fee while others will have a higher monthly fee and a lower up-front cost. Some providers will let you pick and choose from a list of services while others bundle their services and make you pay for features you don’t really need. Decide what your business’s needs are and select a provider that meets those needs at an affordable rate.



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