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How the cloud is changing the way businesses communicate

A business needs to balance many things in order to be successful. One of those things is communication. If employees, managers, and customers can’t communicate effectively with each other, that business is going to have a hard time succeeding. Because effective communication is so crucial to the success of a company, more businesses are switching from legacy phone systems to cloud phone systems each year.

What is a cloud phone system?

Legacy phone systems rely on older methods for connecting managers, employees, and customers. They consist of a series of phone lines that connect all of the phones throughout the workplace. A central hub switches calls to different lines allowing multiple people to use the system at the same time. Installing this type of system is expensive and often difficult.

A cloud phone system, doesn’t rely on phones that are physically connected with wires. Rather, they operate on an internet connection. Because everything is transmitted via airwaves, there is no extra equipment besides the phones themselves. They don’t require special installation that can be very costly, they just need a solid internet connection. They can be used for voice and data connections as well as for other forms of communication.

Five advantages of a cloud phone system

There are several advantages of a cloud based system over a traditional phone system:

  1. Lower cost. Because cloud phone systems are easier to install and maintain, they typically cost significantly less than a traditional phone system so it’s affordable for businesses of any size.
  2. Privacy. Businesses have more control in limiting access to their communications records when they have their own independent cloud phone system.
  3. Expandability. Cloud phone systems can be expanded and contracted as needed much more easily than traditional phone systems because they don’t require new lines to be physically installed in the work place.
  4. Mobility. More and more businesses are relying on employees’ mobile phones (either company owned or personal devices) to conduct business. A cloud phone system allows for total mobile integration so that calls to a work phone can automatically be rerouted to cell phones when an employee is out of the office.
  5. Small businesses appear bigger. Cloud phone systems give smaller businesses the appearance of a larger corporation. For instance, features like auto-attendant can make sure customers are connected to the right people without the need of a full-time secretary assigned to answering phones. A high quality cloud phone system makes a business more reliable in the eyes of customers and can help them grow as a company.

To find out more about what a cloud phone system can do for your business, check out the many different features that Equiinet offers businesses looking to make the switch from traditional phone lines.



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