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Does your business still need phone service?

In the internet era, when your employees have a dozen different ways to communicate with each other such as video conferencing, cell phones, SMS, and email, many business owners are wondering whether it’s even worth it to invest in a business phone system. Some businesses are opting out of phone service choosing instead to use mobile phones and the internet exclusively. According to a recent PEW survey, the importance of having a landline is declining significantly with only 17% of participants reporting that they couldn’t live without one. So, should your business ditch its phone system? Experts say “no.”

The advantages to voice

Despite the many channels of communication businesses have at their disposal, there is something about the immediacy of a phone call that other channels can’t imitate. When one person calls another, there’s a sense of urgency to answer it whereas a text or email can go unanswered for some time. Phone calls provide instant gratification while a person might be stuck waiting around for a response when using another channel. Though landlines are on the decline, mobile phone sales have never been better. There are currently more mobile devices in the world than there are people so you’re sure to have great reach if you don’t get rid of your business phone system.

Ditch traditional phone service

Though it’s still highly recommended that businesses keep a phone system, it’s not recommended that they remain on a traditional phone service. In recent years, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has made some huge advantages. With VoIP, voice is transmitted via internet connection from one person to another. VoIP is more than a phone service. It allows for mobile integration so employees can make and take work calls on the go. It also allows for video conferencing on the same internet connection so that multiple communication channels are integrated in a single interface.

Another great think about VoIP is that all the phones in your business are in their own network so all employees need to call one another is a four digit extension. This increases productivity and makes collaboration a breeze.

The bottom line

Cloud-based phone service is a booming industry expected to reach 12 billion dollars by 2018. Because VoIP offers increased mobility and flexibility at a lower price point than traditional phone service, business owners would be crazy to cancel their phone service, when they could switch to VoIP instead.

Remember that VoIP is more than a phone service, it’s an all-in-one communications solution. Equiinet is a VoIP provider that offers a wide range of additional services. Once you’ve determined your communication and networking needs, you can pick and choose from a list of services to create a package that is within your budget.



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