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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Phone Systems Could Do

Phone systems are sophisticated equipment with applications that your business can use to help you reach your bottom line. Read the top 5 things you didn’t know your phone system could do and see how you can make the most out your phone system.

1. It can make your billing more accurate
Your phone system keeps track of all kinds of data that you’ve probably never thought to access. It knows who called what extension and how long each call lasted. If you bill for things like phone consultations, or just want to know how long an average call lasts, you can get a report every week, every month, or even every day. Ask for the report that gives you exactly the numbers you need. Employees don’t need to tediously track every minute of every call, and you never have to worry about over or under billing.

2. Learn from call data
All the call data is good for more than billing. You can see the average call time for a specific group of phones, like your sales force, to see how long the average call takes. You can see if someone is rushing people off the phone or if someone is consistently dallying on their calls. You can see if someone is making personal calls or letting everything go to voicemail to be returned at another time. You can identify clients who call technical support more often than they should and target them for a little extra education, or even review their equipment and services to make sure that it’s still meeting their needs.

Data driven business decisions have a huge potential to give you an advantage in the marketplace, especially if you’re competing with businesses who don’t use the data available to them.

3. It can save you money
Hybrid and hosted VoIP systems are installed with little or no upfront cost to you. You pay a low monthly fee for the services that you want and need. You don’t have to spend months and months recouping the costs of an expensive phone system. If you’ve got an older phone system installed, or you haven’t reviewed your communication costs, it’s quite likely you could be saving money simply by shuffling things around. You may benefit from adding features, which would increase the efficiency of your business like an auto attendant or follow me ringing.

Local and long distance calls are also completely included in VoIP service. You’ll never pay extra no matter which area code you dial. International calls are also much cheaper than with traditional phone service.

4. It can improve the performance of your internet connection
Some hybrid systems include features like local caching, which allow frequently visited sites to be accessed at LAN speeds. They are stored locally for fewer and shorter data round trips. There’s no more apologizing to customers because, “The network seems to be slow today.” You can access the information you need like it was on your hard drive and not halfway around the world.

You can store important files centrally so they can be accessed anytime by anyone. Important documentation and data is never more than a few keystrokes or swipes on your smartphone. It’s like having your own, personal, ultra-secure cloud at your fingertips.

5. It can keep you connected in an emergency
Because VoIP phone systems don’t use POTS lines to make and receive calls they can failover to any available data connection, even 3G or 4G cell connections. Should a disaster strike you’ll be able to make and receive calls and keep doing business. You’ll be able to maintain access to emergency services longer and more reliably, and if you do have to close you’ll be up and going again faster than the competition. A long-lasting backup battery will keep you connected even if the power goes out. You can’t ask for a more robust communication solution in a crisis.

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