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Can I reuse my existing NEC DS Telephones on the DSX?

Yes, the DS station card is required to support DS key telephones.

nec phone system

Is CID sent to analog station ports?

Yes, CID information (name, number, & time/date) for external and intercom calls is sent to analog station ports, for use with customer provided CID accessories.

nec phone system

Is there a CID log?

Yes, the CID information for each outside call that rings an extension can be viewed.This information can be saved and easily redialed.

nec phone system

Does DSX support the same features of the DS?

Yes, software feature content at launch will be nearly identical.

nec phone system

Is there a DSX cordless telephone?

Yes, there is an integrated cordless phone that connects directly to a digital station port.This phone has an LCD that will show CID and has 4 function keys (with LEDs) that can be programmed the same as the function keys on the DSX key telephones, i.e. line, DSS/BLF, park orbit, record, etc.

nec phone system

Are there color options for DSX Telephones?

Yes, DSX phones are available in Black or White.

nec phone system

Is there an Automated Attendant (AA) available?

There is a two port automated attendant built into every DSX. Use this AA to answer and route calls to extensions or departments in Day Mode, Night Mode or Overflow. There is nothing extra to purchase for basic AA operation.

nec phone system

Is Voice Mail (VM) available?

The ability to add VM is built into every DSX and only requires an IntraMail compact flash card to activate. IntraMail is a full-featured VM/AA system that will transfer callers and record VM messages. IntraMail is available as 4 port/8hour or, 8 port/16 hour options.

nec phone system

Is Caller ID (CID) Supported?

CID support is built into every DSX system. Since every DSX Key Telephone has a large 3-line display, CID name and number (if available) can be viewed pre or post answer in addition to maintaining soft display key functions.

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